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Tarbeach Media is an Integrated Marketing and Lead Generation company. We use digital media in conjunction with traditional media to create a truly integrated solution for our clients. In today’s competitive marketplace, taking a 360 degree view of a brand’s connection to it’s customer enhances both their online and offline presence.

Trust = Sales. The goal is to create a dialogue with customers, increasing their engagement, and keeping the brand “top-of-mind” – removing the perceived seperation between brand and customer, and deepening the relationship on an emotional level. Creating trust creates the opportunity for sales and increases revenue potential. Creating strong customer relationships through dialogue also increases brand awareness beyond marketing dollars spent, by increasing word-of-mouth and social sharing opportunities.

Founded by father and daughter, Billy Schlosser and Emily Schlosser, Tarbeach Media is located in Atlanta, GA and serves clients throughout the United States.

Billy has had the pleasure of working with many diverse clients including:

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Providing digital marketing, social media marketing, brand development, consulting, Web design and more.

You can connect with Tarbeach Media via email, phone, Facebooktwitter, or online here at TarbeachMedia.com

email: info@TarbeachMedia.com

phone: (770) 580-3028



Our Team
Billy Schlosser, President/CEO
Billy Schlosser | President/CEO

Billy Schlosser has deep experience as both a media producer and as a business executive. Not only has he lead large  teams in multi-million dollar global systems integration, but has been responsible for P&L for entire business units.

Additionally, with over 20 years of producing Broadcast and Digital Media – music, television, film, video, web, and multimedia integrations – he understands storytelling and communication – and the current technology that enables it. His works have won Emmy nominations, Parents’ Choice Awards, NAPPA awards and much more. He’s even co-written and performed a Billboard #1 Dance Single!

Billy attended Vassar College and the Berkeley College of Music. He has been an executive at IBM, Sapient, and most recently the President/CEO of Littlebean Family Entertainment.

Emily Schlosser, VP
Emily Schlosser | Vice-President/Co-founder

Emily Schlosser is a true millennial. She’s grown up with the Internet, and is part of the “always-on” generation. She’s become adept at social media and mobile as well as Web design and customer centered usability.

Emily is an accomplished writer with her first Young Adult novel slated for publishing later this year. She’s also an award winning song-writer, and has been performing live and on TV for most of her life.

Emily currently lives in Nashville and manages client relationships while she pursues her songwriting career.

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